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The company was founded in 1951 in Basel. In 1981, it was converted into a stock corporation. Responsibility is held by around 50 members of the management staff, a group of partners, a group of associate partners and a group of associates, who also share in the commercial success as shareholders. The partners constitute the company management.

Board of directors
Peter Epting Chairman
Samuel Schultze Delegate
Hans-Rudolf Blöchlinger
Barbara Hayoz
Heinrich Moser
Gert Thoenen
Company management
Samuel Schultze President
Philipp Brühlmeier Deputy
Andreas Grossen
Wolfgang Hardt
Daniel Keller
Andreas Mast
Oliver Schmid
Christian Hirt
Karin Isler
Samuel Schultze
Thomas Hauser
Subsidiary companies
Burckhardt Immobilien AG
AG für Planung und Überbauung
tk3 AG
B+P Reiner Becker GmbH
Burckhardt+Partner GmbH