Project development is an essential part of the range of services provided by Burckhardt+Partner AG. Since 2012, a dedicated department has been performing this task across our sites.

At the start, there is an idea. Then the search begins. The search for a suitable property or plot of land, the search for money and the search for occupants. Project development is the bringing together of all components (idea, money and property). Depending on the complexity, project development can take several years, so consistency of personnel is one of the decisive factors in successful implementation.

We monitor and analyze market processes and detect trends. We identify opportunities early, from which we develop tailored and sustainable projects. We plan and implement conceptually and financially attractive new building projects or conversion projects in close cooperation with owners or future occupants. This is based on site developments, building development studies and feasibility studies, as well as the identification and analysis of project-specific contexts and economic factors.

Our established relationship network, experience and know-how aid the creation of communities with common interests that are prepared to undertake special ventures, thus paving the way for innovative solutions.

The spectrum of project developments encompasses all domains, from inner-city densification to the development of entire neighborhoods.