The large "park house" is a double-walled construction covered with wire mesh, a "latticework" in the old ornamental gardening style, enveloped by sumptuously sprawling plants and open on three sides.

The spacious hall is interrupted by four wire chalices at the rear, a copse in a forest of climbing plants. Four pools of water embedded in the moss carpet reflect the incident light. The double walls' intermediate spaces are traversed by flights of steps, covered walkways and projecting balconies. At the very top, on the roof, is the sun deck. A precise architectural body emerges, formed by delicate foliage, filled with green light-play and fleeting fragrances, free of purpose and open to all senses.

The residential and service buildings in the center of northern Zurich are enhanced by the numerous possible uses of the plaza and "park house". The facility is suitable for sport and games, for meetings of all kinds, or events such as film screenings, concerts and theatrical performances – all with a baroque backdrop of hedges. The MFO Park, measuring 100 meters long, 34 meters wide and 18 meters high, is the largest pergola in the world.

Tasks Burckhardt+Partner AG: Architecture
Collaboration with Raderschall landscape architects